4:30 or Bust: A Quest for Marathon Mediocrity

Followthrough is hard

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Superficially, I can look at what I’ve done this week and be very pleased. But, both of my runs this week were not quite what I set out to do, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. It highlights one of the challenges I face – giving up too early or quickly.

On Wed night, it was relatively cool, and I set out for a planned 6.5 mile run that I call the downtown loop. 14st St to 4th Ave. Down 4th Ave and Lafayette and Centre, over to Church, down Church all the way to Batter Park, then up the East River and up Ave A back to 14th St. The problem, I guess, was not enough hydration during the day, and a big lunch at McDonald’s. As I approached Battery Park City, I had increasingly painful stomach cramps. So, I made a pit stop at the Staten Island Ferry (very convenient), but decided to drop out and take the subway back home. In all I ran 3.6 miles, and a better than 10 min per mile pace, but, I really wanted to get the long run in.

This morning, I wanted to get up at 6am and then do a 6 mile run that takes me over the Williamsburg Bridge and back. However, I couldn’t drag myself out of bed till 6:30 and then did not have the time to do that run. So instead, I did my 4 mile run to the end of East River Park and back. I ran a very good time of 36:20 for the 4 miles, but again, didn’t get the run in that I wanted – 6 miles with the 2 big hills. Beautiful morning, by the way – 66 degrees!

Oh well. Still 12 weeks or so till the marathon and plenty of time to get the longer and harder runs in. Just got to figure out how to follow-though on them.


Written by SCL

August 8, 2008 at 6:59 am

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