4:30 or Bust: A Quest for Marathon Mediocrity

Refreshing run last night

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Had a great run on the Downtown Loop last night.  I was fearing the worst earlier in the evening.  At 4:30 I had to run out of the office to meet my daugther at Eleanor Roosevelt High School (she’s applying to high schools and doing the tour thing).  It was very humid out and the walk to the subway and then to the school was drenching.  Not my kind of running weather.  However, I was so happy when we came out of the school at 6:30 to find that a cold front had gone through – you could feel the cool temperature and awesome breeze.

The crispness of the air and the coolness of the breeze means fall to me and is what I think of when I think of New York City Marathon training.  Needed to make sure I celebrated the night and season with a good run.  Also cool about the day yesterday is that I received my *FREE* Timex running hat for ordering a Timex watch on Amazon.com.  I highly recommend it, while supplies last.  Great deal.  I bought a $30 watch, (which I needed anyway) and got the free hat.  I’ve only been using my old hat since the early spring, but it was smelling really nasty, even after repeated cycles through the wash.  I was thinking about buying an Austin Marathon hat, since I’ll be running that race in Feb, but they don’t have any merchandise on sale it seems.

Anyway, had a great run.  Pushed a little but not too much.  The wind was a factor, at times I found myself running right into the wind, and that was rough.  I also seemed to have bad luck getting through the busy intersections.  There was a lot of Thursday night traffic out there, even though it was on the late side – I went out at 9:30.  Finished the 6.5 mile course in 1:01:32.  Not bad at all.

Maybe I’ll try for an easy 4 miler on Saturday before I go out for the long 21.5 mile run on Sunday – check out the planned route here.


Written by SCL

October 17, 2008 at 4:40 pm

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