4:30 or Bust: A Quest for Marathon Mediocrity

In the home stretch

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Sitting in the Detroit airport waiting for my flight back to NY.  Thinking that maybe I’ll see a bunch of runners heading in for New York City Marathon weekend!

I’m doing OK, but definitely not the smooth kind of week I’d have hoped for leading to the race.  Felt the first throat tickle of a cold on Sunday morning and it is steadily progressing through it’s phases.  Two days with sore throat, then 2 days with head congestion, now into runny nose territory.  Should be all passed by Sunday, I hope!

My trip was more annoying than it should be of course.  On WednesdayTuesday, we had a lot of rain here in NY.  My original 2:25 flight was canceled.  Bumped to the 8pm flight, which was then delayed by over an hour.  Didn’t get to Ann Arbor till midnight or so.  Had to be up early for the conference so didn’t get a lot of sleep that night.

I was able to get a great 5.5 mile run in on Wednesday evening though.  Ann Arbor was very pretty, with the leaves not yet all fallen from the trees, there was lots of great color.  Only problem was that it was cold!  39 degrees, with wind chill of 34.  Good thing I was thinking ahead and brought hat and gloves with me.  After a little wine at dinner, I was dead tired and got a great 9 hours of sleep last night.  Speaking of cold, it was 22 degrees this morning – nice winter preview.  I wasn’t sure if I should do the run with my cold in the cold weather, but I have to say, felt much better after the run – seemed to help clear my head a bit.

Anyway, super psyched for the marathon Sunday.  Big day tomorrow – I’ll try very hard to pick up my race number at lunchtime, since I’ll need to get home quickly for Halloween (gotta remember to bring my reg card and chip with me).  I work on 38th St and so it is a quick and easy trip over to Javits from the office.

I’m finishing this up now after getting home.  Of course, flight was delayed an hour, then had to wait another hour on the taxi line at LGA.  Cool flight though.  Landing pattern took us right over the Verrazano Bridge and up 4th Ave in Brooklyn.  My final preview of the first 15 miles of the race!


Written by SCL

October 30, 2008 at 10:59 pm

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