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Volunteer policy change for 2009 New York City Marathon

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Anyone with an interest in running the New York City Marathon already knows that for automatic entry, if you are a NYRR member, you need to run 9 qualifying races, plus volunteer once during the year.

NYRR has announced that they will extend the volunteer period to the end of January for qualification for the 2009 New York City Marathon.  This is a nice way to accomodate all the people that waited till the last minute to take care of this requirement.

But, beware, to those of you that were thinking about volunteering early in 2009 to get it out of the way for the 2010 race.  Volunteering in January will only count towards the 2009 marathon, NOT the 2010 marathon.

“We have extended the opportunity for runners to meet their 9+1 Program volunteer obligation for guaranteed entry to the ING New York City Marathon 2009! During the month of January, volunteers may sign up for any newly posted opportunity to receive credit toward their 2009 entry. Please note that no January volunteer activity will count toward 2010 marathon guaranteed entry eligibility; these opportunities will begin in February. As always, participants must run all nine races in 2009.”

You’ve been warned…


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December 17, 2008 at 5:08 pm

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