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East River Park

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Little East River Park update…

On Saturday, I was in my car on FDR Drive and noticed that the north section of the main path in East River Park looked to be open again! It has been closed the last few weeks while they repaved the road surface, forcing runners on a roundabout detour, which included running through a baseball field.  Instantly decided my run on Saturday would go through the park to check it out firsthand.

Wasn’t able to get out until 5:30, but continued with an East River Park run anyway, even though it was dark.  East River Park is a little tough in the dark because the lighting is not great and the road surface is also not great.   Normal run to the end of the park and back is 4 miles.  When I want to run 6, like Saturday, I continue down to Catherine Slip and then around the park between Catherine Slip and Market Slip.

Lo and behold, when I got to East River Park, I found the main road nicely, beautifully and symmetrically repaved!  At least until the track, then the road resumed it’s normal messiness.  I was a bit dismayed when I got to the bottom of East River Park, by the amphitheater, to see that the lights at the lower section of the park do not work at all.  They were all off, causing that section of the park to be in complete darkness, making the normally bad footing even more dangerous.  I hope they get that fixed soon.

Anyway, very happy the construction at East River Park is moving along.  Hopefully by summer, they’ll have the next section of the promenade all redone and the main road repaved down to Houston St or the WB bridge…

6.2 mile run completed in 57:25, for a 9:16 pace.


Written by SCL

January 5, 2009 at 10:49 pm

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  1. […] which is in a very bad state of dips, valleys and holes, and good for swimming after it rains.  I was ecstatic when they repaved the northernmost section in the winter, and hope the rest can be repaved by this […]

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