4:30 or Bust: A Quest for Marathon Mediocrity

4.6 miles, and sidewalk vs road running

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Was able to get out for a nice 4.6 mile run tonight.  For a change of pace, I was able to get out of work at a nice reasonable time and go for my run right away.  So, I was home and showered by 8pm, which was nice.

Of course, my 7 year old (Katie) tried the guilt trip on me.  I got home from work at 6:15 and told her that I’d go for a quick run right away, so I’d be home early to play with her.  She would have none of that and just complained (as usual) about how often I go out to exercise.  Deep down, I don’t think she really cares so much, but she does like to complain about it!  I was able to distract her with some Magic School Bus videos on YouTube and could then change my clothes and get out of the house without notice!

With all the rain today, running at East River Park, my first choice, was not an option.  Construction is still in full swing there, and the puddles are really bad after any kind of rain.  So, instead went north up Ave C to 38th St, then down 1st Ave all the way to Delancy, and then up Ave A.  I’ve done this run many, many times over the years, and today’s 40:53 was my PR by more than 1 minute!  A big help was being able to catch green lights at most of the major intersections, including 23rd St, 14th St and Houston, which makes a big difference.

Then was able to play with Katie for awhile, which she enjoyed.

Most interesting thing I noticed was a guy running up Essex on the sidewalk, right next to me running in the street.  He was clearly faster than I, but he had all kinds of obstacles to contend with, including sidewalk construction, pedestrians, some guy on a ladder painting, etc.  He even had to run in the street once where the sidewalk was all blocked up.  I had clear sailing all the way in the street.  Therefore, we were able to keep the same pace until he turned off.  I know lots of people run on the sidewalks because they think it is safer, but in my head, it seems to me, especially in Manhattan, that the constant obstacles, pedestrians, and curb hopping on the sidewalk (not to mention the harder surface – bad for knees and feet) are more stressful than the hazards you face in the street.  It also seems hard to get any kind of good momentum.  Call me crazy, (maybe I am?) but I usually don’t have any issues at all running in the street, against traffic, of course…


Written by SCL

April 6, 2009 at 9:56 pm

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