4:30 or Bust: A Quest for Marathon Mediocrity

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Spring marathon mania this time of the year.  Boston last weekend, London and More (almost) this weekend, New Jersey next weekend, and tons others happening at this time of the year.  So, figured I needed to get into the action too.

It’s official, I’ve dropped down the necessary $149 bucks (registration plus processing fee), and I’m running the 40th edition of the New York City Marathon!


It will be my 7th New York City Marathon in the last 14 years (my first was 1996), and my 11th overall marathon!  May be my last NYC for awhile though as I look to try other fall marathons in the coming years.  Currently not making any particular effort to run 9 NYRR races in 2009.

I finally busted 4:30, with 4:22:16 at the Austin Marathon in Feb.  Could I possibly dare to dream that I could improve my way up to 4:00?

Cynical thought of the day about NYRR and the automatic entries – it’s an easy money maker!  Both in the initial email telling me about my automatic entry, and in the first reminder email, there were very explicit instructions about how I could extend my automatic entry to 2010, if I don’t think I can run the race this year.  All I would need to do is register for this years race (dropping $149 bucks in the process) AND THEN cancel.  Then, I would have the option to PAY AGAIN next year to run in 2010.  Wonder how many of the automatic entry folks sign up and then cancel right away.  Nice way to get some extra money out of your loyal, 9+ races per year, customers!  It’s one thing to have this option in the case where you train, and then something happens near race day, like injury, conflict, etc.  It’s another altogether to encourage you, from the start, to pay $150 for the privilege of possibly signing up, and paying again, next year. 

I think if you want to defer to the following year, you should be able to do that at the time you sign up, for a more nomial fee.

OK, I feel better now…


Written by SCL

April 27, 2009 at 11:19 am

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