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Triathlon prep

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In final preparation mode for my second triathlon ever, and my first of the year.  I’m running (I wonder, do you call it running, or something more generic, like participating?) in a sprint triathlon at Harriman State Park on Sunday.  I’m worried that I’m woefully unprepared for the overall event, the transitions, and the swim.   Just in normal pre-race panic mode.  Have been working on necessary preparations though:

  1. Yesterday managed to get my wetsuit on and off.  Getting that thing on is not easy.  Once you get it on, it is then also not easy to get the zipper up.  Was able to remember the tricks from last year, and it went pretty well.  Feeling good then about getting it on and off.  Although, the wetsuit itself is NOT comfortable, so not looking forward to wearing it pre-race.
  2. Completely cleaned my bike chain and drivetrain, then re-lubed it up.  That was a very, very, very messy job.  I’ve had my bike for 2 years, rode over 1100 miles, but have never made any attempt to clean the chain.  While it doesn’t look like new, it looks very clean, and is no longer totally black and gunked up.  I don’t know how much faster it will make me in reality, but mentally, I think it will be a big help.
  3. Cracked open my “Your First Triathlon” book, by Joe Friel, for some last minute inspiration and preparation.  Bought the book about 3 years ago when I first had thoughts of maybe doing a triathlon some day, and then read through it last year when I was getting ready for my first.  This time around, just skimming the highlights, and it is helpful also from a mental perspective.

Otherwise, excited about the race.  Coincidently, found out that a woman who works in my office, and also a beginning triathlete, is participating in the same race, so at least I’ll have someone to commiserate with beforehand.  She is also not strong with the swim, so it may be a race between us to see who is last out of the lake!

Will try to make tomorrow a restful day, and cross my fingers for good weather Sunday morning…


Written by SCL

June 12, 2009 at 10:33 pm

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