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NYC Marathon Tune Up

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My New York City Marathon training is going really well so far.  My older nagging injuries (groin pain and knee tendonitis) have gone away.  The strong back spasm I suffered after the NYC Triathlon is all better as well.  I’ve already even gotten over the typical fall cold, sinus infection.  Finally, the weather is cooperating now (hot, humid days mostly gone), and so I can finally just focus on running without distractions.  Well, I did have a minor issue this week, poison ivy!  I (apparently) mishandled some of it last weekend, and have several rashes, some bad, on my legs and arms.  Not quite as itchy now, but it will still probably be a week till it all goes away.  It has not really affected my running though…

Last weekend I ran 17.5 miles, so also getting the mileage up there as well.  Followed that up with 3 runs so far this week totaling 14.5 miles, although my 6.5 mile run last night felt very sluggish, and I could feel some shin tightness in my right leg.  Gotta keep an eye on that.

Now, time to turn my attention to my race on Sunday, the NYC Marathon Tune Up 18 mile race in Central Park.  It will be a tough race, 3 full loops around Central Park, and, the forecast is for rain.  But, it is a great (fantastic even) marker of where I am in training.  It is great to have a long run, in race conditions, with hills, etc.  So much better than a self regulated long run in the streets.  I would really like to finish in under 3 hours, which is definitely within reach.  Worst case, I think I could do 57 min in first loop, 59 in second loop and third loop in under 1:03.

Beyond this weekend, I have long runs planned each of the next 3 weekends, and then the Nike Human Race the weekend before the marathon, so, I’m keeping busy!


Written by SCL

September 25, 2009 at 6:19 am

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