4:30 or Bust: A Quest for Marathon Mediocrity

December progress towards 800

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At the end of November, 2009, I stood at 706.1 miles for the year.  My goal had been to get to 800 miles for the year, so I needed 93.9 miles to get there.  After the New York City Marathon, I had sort of written this off, since I was badly beaten up and not feeling like I’d be able to put in a lot of miles.  But on Dec 1, after a month of very little running, and what felt like enough healing, on a run, I decided well enough to try and make this happen.  93.9 miles is within reach, but not easy for me, considering I’ve only ONCE ever logged that many miles in a month.  Most of my heavy months top out in the upper 80’s.  I just don’t run often enough, or long enough consistently, to get much higher than that.  I knew it would require hard work, and for things to break my way in terms of weather, illness, and the busy-ness of life in general.

I can proudly say that I’m getting there, and it is definitely still within reach.  True to my nature, I have been the mark of consistency so far in the month, and have had to deal with my fair share of obstacles.  But 20 days into the month, I stand at 61.2 miles.  30.7 in the first 10 days, and 30.5 in the second 10 days.  This leaves me with 32.7 to go in the last 11, or right exactly on pace!  It also means I have to keep up with this, for me, breakneck pace, which has included running out of winter clothes to run in and sometimes forced to go out late at night.

Planning to write about some of the details of first 20 days, but no time now!  To be continued…


Written by SCL

December 21, 2009 at 8:11 am

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