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Dec 2009 in Review

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Wow, realized in the excitement of year end, and my year in review post, that I forgot to post the simple December month in review.  So, here goes:

Running – 94.9 miles over 19 runs.  Met my goal of 800 miles for the year (801.0) on the last possible day!  94.9 miles represents my 2nd highest mileage month ever, behind Jan 2009 effort of 103.1 miles.  19 runs in a month is easily the most runs I’ve ever done in a single month.  Very happy with such a strong finish to the year, especially considering the stomach virus that knocked me out for a few days, the big snowstorm we had (messing up the streets for a week) and the super busy holiday season.

Races – 0

Biking – 0 – elbows still messed up.

Swims – 0 – To start in the new year

Gym workouts – 6 – starting to make this a habit again!

Softball games – 0

Injuries – 1 (improving hip injury)

Sicknesses – 1 (nasty stomach flu took me out of commission for 2 days, and then several more days to get back to full strength)

At the end of November, I stated that I needed to lose some weight.  While not much, my average weight did drop some – 1.7 pounds by the end of the month.  I’ll take it.  Better down than up.


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January 16, 2010 at 9:58 pm

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