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May 2010 in Review

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The last post on my blog was my April month in review.  Life has seriously gotten in the way, and in addition, I’ve had 2 sub-par races (Rhode Races Marathon, Brooklyn Half Marathon), which I have had a very hard time writing the race reports for.  Maybe I’ll get back into it and finish them up soon.


Running – As will invariably happen when I start up other activities (biking, softball, swimming, etc), my running miles drop off.  Was hoping to get to 80 for the month, but my 71.1 miles over 9 runs is not bad at all.  May is typically the month where I completely tail off after spring running.  This is my 2nd highest May total ever, and that previous high was when I ran Vermont City Marathon at the end of the month in 2000.  I’m at 446.6 miles for the year, putting me in good position for 1000 for the year, which would be amazing!  I’m 130 miles ahead of last year’s pace, which is doubly amazing!

Races – 2 (Rhode Races Marathon – 4:46:29; Brooklyn Half Marathon – 2:04:50)

Biking – 98.2 miles over 5 rides.  Very nice biking month.  Not as many miles as I wanted, but just too hard to get good long weekend rides in.  Hoping for a great long ride this coming weekend in Vermont as a tune-up for my sprint tri on June 13.  I’m at 210 miles for the year so far.

Swims – 2, both in the last week.  Need another 2 swims before my tri on June 13.

Gym workouts – none

Softball – 3 games.  2 losses and a forfeit win where we played a long interteam scrimmage

Injuries – Still have nagging hip and right elbow pain, but I started to see a personal trainer, which I hope will smooth those out.  These injuries are not at all limiting my runs or rides, but I’d prefer for them to go away completely.

Sicknesses – 0 (Continuing to stay healthy with use of Zicam as soon as I start feeling any cold symptoms)

Weight – About even (slightly higher) from April


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June 1, 2010 at 8:54 am

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