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22 Days to the Chicago Marathon

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22 days to the Chicago Marathon! With no active workout yesterday, or today, I’ll turn my attention to my current thoughts on the marathon itself.

I’m having a hard time getting myself motivated, and excited, for the race. I guess it will come as the day gets closer, but for now, not much excitement.

One theory is that my body is used to early November marathons (I’ve run NY 7 times), but not used to early October marathons. It is tuned to not be excited yet.

Another theory is that my body knows it is not in the right shape, and therefore is tempering my excitement, so I won’t be so disappointed on race day.

Yet another theory is that since I’ve already done 12 of them, I know what to expect, that I will finish, and that it will be incredibly difficult. Many times, excitement is about nerves, or new experiences, neither if which apply to me here.

My final, and probably most accurate theory, is that I have a tri in Red Bank on Oct 3, that I’m under prepared for, and nervous about – it is close to olympic distance. Since that comes first, I think it is subliminally grabbing all my attention.

I am following several people on Twitter who live in Chicago, and can sense the excitement start to build there. It will come for me soon.

At least my wife, and both of my kids, are looking forward to the long weekend trip to Chi-town!

Next up, 20 miles tomorrow morning, at the NYC Marathon Tune-up race in Central Park.

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Written by SCL

September 18, 2010 at 12:39 pm

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