4:30 or Bust: A Quest for Marathon Mediocrity

14 Days to the Chicago Marathon

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14 days to the Chicago Marathon!  3 days into my back injury, and, it is feeling much better!  Enough so that I was able to run today, which is awesome!  On the one hand, I had about 20 miles planned for this weekend and only ended with 4, but on the other hand, at least I only lost 2 days of training.  Now need to take stock and determine if I’m up for the triathlon I’m signed up for on Sunday, in Red Bank.

So not only have I had this back issue, but also dealing with 2 other problems after my long run last Sunday.  Both on the right side.  The theory is that since my neck and lower back was tight on the left side for that run last week, I was overcompensating on the right side.    Not only did I destroy the pinkie toe on my right foot with a blister under the nail, but I’m also having shin pain on my right leg, in both of my last 2 runs.  I’m no stranger to shin pain also (a long history of minor injuries), so I know how to deal with it (I hope).

Regarding my pinkie toe, I’ve lost toenails before, but never completely obliterated the nail like I did this time.  Was able to clip out the entire thing, even the full cuticle!  There is now an empty cavity where the cuticle should go.  Definitely an odd sight, but I love the look of the baby new nail already trying to form on the skin.  And, the best news, no more pain in that toe at all!

Two weeks to the big day, and I’m 9 chapters into my motivational lift, A Race Like No Other, so now I’m officially starting to get excited.

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Written by SCL

September 26, 2010 at 4:44 pm

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