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Street Running Comment

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I usually keep my complaints and ranty comments to myself, but on my run today I got so mad about something, I just can’t contain it to myself.

The problem: running in the street in the same direction as the traffic.  I am a self-professed street runner.  In fact, I did a guest post on this topic over at Running Down Dreams just over a year ago.  I generally run in the street and avoid sidewalks.  You might think of NYC as a crowded place and not a safe place to run in the street, but that is not the case.  In NYC, the streets are wide, parking lanes, bus lanes and/or shoulders on each side of all streets and avenues usually provide space to run, and the recent proliferation of bike lanes actually creates a much safer environment.

Common sense tells many of us to run against traffic, and by and large, I usually see people running against the traffic in the street.  I covered the reasons why in the aforementioned guest post and so won’t repeat here.  However, just because a street has a bike lane, which is car free, you do NOT have license to run in the same direction with traffic.

I went for a long run today, which took me over the Williamsburg Bridge, and up through Brooklyn and Queens heading for the Queensboro Bridge.  Bike lanes connect several of the streets with the Williamsburg Bridge, including Driggs, which is where I was running.  I was, as usual, enjoying the day and the comfort of the bike lane.  I was running north, while the traffic was heading south.  In the span of less than a mile between the bridge and McCarren Park, there were 3 incidents of people running in the street with traffic.

I first encountered a guy running with the traffic in the bike lane.  While I would usually just let it go and mind my own business, for some reason today I felt like I needed to say something.  So as I approached the guy I said “Dude, look out for the bike” and motioned behind him.  That got his attention as he knew he could not see oncoming bikers.  He turned his head to see what was coming.  Of course there was nothing, but I quickly said, “See, that is why you should be running AGAINST the traffic – you can’t see the bikes”.

About 3 or 4 blocks further down I noticed 2 women running towards me side-by-side (with traffic) in the bike lane.  I might not have said anything (for some reason I am more hesitant to say things to women in these situations), but I could not believe what I saw as I got closer.  Behind them, on a leash, was a dog running behind.  So I ran straight at them, threw up my hands and said “You guys should be running against traffic, and with a dog no less”.  I was not surprised to see both of them wearing headphones.

A couple of blocks later I saw another woman running with traffic, but not in the bike lane.  I decided not to say anything that time.

Why do people do this?  Yes, it is technically safer to run with traffic in the bike lane as the cars will more naturally not be in that lane, but you are only creating potential hazards for everyone else on the road.  If you are running in the bike lane with traffic, you will not see when a bike is coming up behind you.  The biker will have to go around you, into traffic, to get by.  You also won’t see if a large bus or truck is coming by and needs more clearance, etc.

I know I’m preaching here to the people that know better, and I know that some of you non-NYers live in the burbs where this action might be just fine, but it makes me feel better to say “PEOPLE, PLEASE RUN AGAINST TRAFFIC FOR EVERYONE’S SAFETY”.

I do feel much better now…


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February 27, 2011 at 3:50 pm

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Patience, Grasshopper, plus updates

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While I’ve had a good start to the year in many respects, this is supposed to be the year of the bike for me, and I have not been on my bike once!  I sometimes start to get antsy about it, but in reality, the year is long, and the weather will improve, and before I know it, I’ll have no excuse not to ride my bike a few times a week.  So I will sit back and be patient about it…

Same goes for swimming.  I’ve committed to the Red Bank Tri on May 15, and know I need to get in the pool soon to start to get ready for the swim portion, but I just haven’t felt the motivation yet, or the clock ticking loud enough yet, for me to actually get in the pool.  And I’m OK with that.

On the plus side, I’ve been to the gym to lift weights 5 times in the last 4 weeks, although my left shoulder is hurting at the moment probably due to said lifting.  So, you see, there are always trade-offs 🙂  My running has been on fire, with a great First Light Marathon, and high mileage (for me) months in Jan and so far in Feb.  Running is part of how I stay sane with the snow, icy, rainy and cold weather we’ve had this year.  According to my New York Times, we are 2 degrees below average for the year so far, and had 2 inches more rain than is normal.  However, I have not let these conditions stop me from running, and that allows me to feel like I’m getting good work in, while I bide my time for better weather.

I did have thoughts of getting out on my bike, but frozen toes (and other extremities) were scaring me.  I went so far as to go to JackRabbit and buy toe covers, but the sizing was way too small and I don’t have bike shoes, which is how they are sized, so I returned them.  I realized I was trying to force things, and have decided to just slow it down, and wait it out. 

In other news

  • I impulsively purchased Runmeter this week.  Their latest version integrates the GPS technology on the iPhone with Twitter and Dailymile!  So now when I go for a run, my Twitter and Dailymile friends get a notification and can click the map to see my progress.  So cool.  I know Runkeeper has the live map and feed to Twitter, but it is the Dailymile connection that is key to me.  I’ve used it twice and enjoyed it.  Not only were my vital stats read to me on the run, but so were a few Twitter and Dailymile responses.  The only problem is that GPS can be quite wonky in New York City, but I know that and so won’t lose sleep over it.  I can fix the true distance after the fact anyway.
  • I’m excited to be running a non NYRR 5k race in Manhattan tomorrow morning!  Namely the Cupid’s Chase 5k in Riverside Park.  I’m probably not running Coogan’s this year (silent NYRR protest) and so I’m glad I’ve got another option.
  • A week from now, I’ll be headed off on an awesome family vacation to London and Paris – really hoping to get some runs done in those cities…

Enjoy the weekend and good luck to those racing!

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February 11, 2011 at 4:54 pm

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