4:30 or Bust: A Quest for Marathon Mediocrity

April 2011 in Review

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Running – 70.7 miles over 10 runs.  17 straight months over 70 miles!  I was so obsessed with getting to 70 miles again, that I ran 16.7 miles during the week of the Flying Pig Marathon.  I know this would not be advisable for someone who has only run a max of 19 miles in any of the prior 5 weeks, but I did it anyway, running slowly and carefully planning the running rest days.  My life seems very hectic these days, and since I’ve been adding biking and other things to the mix, and I’ve been a little injured, I’ve had a hard time getting the run miles in.  70 should be easy to reach in May as I have 45+ miles of races planned – marathon, half marathon, and olympic distance tri.

Races – 2 (13.1 New York – 2:04:48; Tough Mudder – time not applicable)

Biking – 68.9 miles over 4 rides.  Still relatively short and flat rides.  Just trying to build up some strength for harder rides when the weather warms up

Swims – 1 (very sad and scary, since I have an Olympic distance tri in 13 days)

Gym workouts – 2

Softball – 2 (both wins – nice start to the season)

Injuries – My injuries haven’t changed since last month.  1 – A sore right foot that is a minor annoyance and does not at all affect my running.  I find stretching my calf makes it feel better.  2 – Sore left groin/hip/adductor.  This has also not gotten any better and I’m starting to get concerned.  It doesn’t affect my running per-se, since it doesn’t hurt when I run and I don’t think it affects my gait, but it does bother me when flexing around.  Sadly, softball, which I love to play this time of the year, seems to make it worse.  Therefore, I’m taking it easy when playing softball and watching the hard cuts and cold starts, and trying to be more diligent to massage, stretch and ice the injury.  I had the same issue on my right side about 2 years ago, and it did go away on its own.

Sicknesses – 0

Weight – unfortunately static.  From last month, average weight was exactly the same and average fat % was down slightly by .3 percent.  I am currently a pound heavier and half a percent body fat higher from my baseline in Jan, which was already way too high.


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May 2, 2011 at 1:35 pm

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