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New York City Marathon Tomorrow!

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Just wanted to wish everyone running the NYC Marathon GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN tomorrow.  The weather looks to be awesomely perfect.  My advice is to slllooowww down in the first half.  Don’t underestimate the toughness of the hills in the last 6 miles of the race.

As for myself, I’ve run it 7 times and am pretty much over it.  That said, it is the most awesomest race in the world and still, by far, the most exciting marathon course I’ve ever run, out of 9.  Maybe I’ll try again some year, but, it is super expensive, and hard to get into unless you either want to raise money for charity or commit to 9 NYRR races the prior year.  It is also super big and crowded, and I’m finding I enjoy smaller races more.  The way I figure it, my not running the race gives an opportunity to someone else who otherwise would be shut out 🙂

My NYC Marathon History:

  1. 1996 – 5:27:31 (PR at the time)
  2. 1998 – 5:35:33
  3. 2000 – 4:52:03
  4. 2002 – 5:06:22
  5. 2007 – 4:51:43
  6. 2008 – 4:31:25 (PR at the time)
  7. 2009 – 4:44:05

From the archives, my all of my 2009 marathon related postings, and my 2008 race report:

It’s a little (OK very) messy due to my inconsistent use of tags and categories over the years, but I’ve got other (sometimes interesting) marathon related postings in the Tag or Category.

I don’t think I’ll be able to spectate tomorrow.  If possible, perhaps I’ll get to mile 11/12 on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg which is easily accessible by the L train.  I have great spectator memories from the past.  In the end, my best strategy to watch from multiple points on the course, and hit spots that were less popular, was to watch at mile 7/8 on 4th Ave, then mile 14ish in Queens and then mile 21, just after the madison ave bridge.  Now with the wave starts, it is actually harder to watch from multiple places and still see everyone you want, because of the large gaps between the fast runners and the slow runners.

Again, for everyone running tomorrow, have a great one!






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November 5, 2011 at 11:05 am

October 2011 in Review

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Running – 63.5 miles over 11 runs.  While October started out on a very sour note, namely a really bad lower back spasm on 9/27 which cost me the Ironman 70.3 Poconos race, and 2 weeks of training, I ended the month very strongly.  This was my biggest mileage month since April, and puts me in easy striking distance of 600 miles for the year, which historically had been my marker of a good running year.  I’m training for the Rehoboth Beach marathon on Dec 10, so this month included the first of 3 planned long runs.

Races – 1 (Roosevelt Island 5k – 27:23)

Biking – 0 miles over 0 rides.  Taking time off the bike until the new year

Swims – 0

Gym workouts – Massive month here!  Worked out at the gym 4 times, saw my personal trainer twice, and attended 3 yoga classes – first time ever for yoga!

Softball – 2 wins!  My team was an undefeated 6-0 in the fall season!

Injuries – Severe lower back spasm cost me 2+ weeks of training.  Otherwise, both my turf toe and hip/groin/glute issues have lingered, but improved significantly

Sicknesses – 0 – Zicam continues to serve me well!  Just take it a bit when I feel a cold coming on, and it works every time.

Weight – Unfortunately, up slightly from Sept.

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November 3, 2011 at 9:46 pm

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