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No run today

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Had been planning a recovery run this morning.  Did 17.5 miles on Saturday night, which went really well by the way, and although not quite fully recovered, would be feeling good enough to get a run in this morning.

However, not meant to be.  When working in my yard in my NJ house on Saturday, I came across some poison ivy, and didn’t handle it properly, I guess.  I was wearing shorts at the time, and now am incredibly itchy on my right leg and right wrist area.  Not unbearable, but annoying nonetheless.  I’m sure I could have run with this, but just don’t want to further aggravate it with excessive sweating!

I also had a very minor knife accident in the kitchen on Saturday and ended up with a pretty deep cut on my right pointer finger.  Not bad enough to go to the hospital or anything, and nothing that would prevent me from running, but just an annoying issue to deal with.

All it means is another day of rest, which I suppose is a good thing.  Should take it easy this week with an 18 mile race planned in Central Park on Sunday.


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September 21, 2009 at 6:18 am

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