4:30 or Bust: A Quest for Marathon Mediocrity

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Jan 2009 in Review

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It was an amazing month for me.  First time I ever reached 100 miles in a month!  Between 15 runs and 7 trips to the gym, I ‘worked out’ 22 out of 31 days.  Also, I did the first 2 weeks of the Hundred Pushup Challenge

Big event for Feburary is the Austin Marathon, on Feb 15.  Once that is done, time to start swimming and biking as I’ll have 5 months to get ready for the New York City Triathlon.

Running – 103.1 miles over 15 runs!

Races – 2 (Fred Lebow Classic (5M) – 41:21; Manhattan Half Marathon – 2:08:50)

Biking – 0 miles – 0 rides

Injuries – 2 (healing foot blister, mild left neck and shoulder soreness)

Sicknesses – 0

Swims – 0

Gym workouts – 7


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January 31, 2009 at 9:29 pm

Pain in the toe!

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Started noticing a pain in the toe today.  Left foot big toe is hurting a bit when I put pressure on it.  It is not a nail issue, but more of a joint pain – hoping it goes away soon!  I’ll test it out in my speed workout tonight.

Also, since Saturday, my left shoulder and neck has been slightly stiff.  I thought it was getting better, but then yesterday morning I did a great set of pushups (Week 2, day 3 of the hundred pushup challenge) and wonder if that made things worse.

This weekend I started on a regimen of Vitamin C, as the paranoia of getting sick before the Austin Marathon is settling in.  Hopefully, some extra C will keep any germs at bay…

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January 27, 2009 at 12:37 pm

Going for 100 pushups

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Inspired by LIRunner9 at http://trainingfornycmarathon2009.blogspot.com/, and some others I’ve seen write about it, I’ve decided to try the One Hundred Pushups training program.  I get to the gym sometimes, but not as often as I like, so 100 pushups seems to be a great way to strengthen the arms in a way that I can’t seem to do in my limited workouts at the gym – it’s easy enought to do at home too.  My only worry is that when I’ve tried to do lots of pushups in the past, I run into pain in my wrist.

When I made it to the gym yesterday, I was able to do 15 pushups as my initial test.  Next step is to begin the 3 times per week program, and see if it works!  Of course, today, my arms are totally sore from the 15 initial pushups (and my full workout afterwards), so I’ll need to wait until tomorrow or Wednesday to get started…

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January 5, 2009 at 10:59 pm

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