4:30 or Bust: A Quest for Marathon Mediocrity

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Countdown to Austin Marathon – 59 days!

This is a very busy week, so little time to run.  No running Tuesday or Wednesday.  With a really bad forecast on Friday, I decided to get a late night run in tonight.  Went out at 10:30, and did the 5.2 mile 2 loop tour of Stuyvesant Town, the same run I did on Monday at a very steady 9:21 pace.

Felt very fresh after having 2 days off.  When I feel like pushing this run, I’ll run the first 2.6 mile loop at a steady, but slightly fast, pace.  Then, in the 2nd loop, I pick up the pace a bit, and add surges at 3 of the inner Stuytown loops.  First loop is a steady pace tempo run and the second loop, with the surges, is a fartlek.  

Weather conditions were accepable for this time of the year – 37 degrees with just a little wind.  First loop was run in 23:41, 36 seconds faster than my run on Monday.  The 2nd loop, with the 3 surges added, was completed in a very fast 22:07, almost 2 minutes faster than what I did on Monday.  The overall time was 45:48, a 8:49 pace, and my fastest effort ever on this course!

Can’t help but continue to be super excited about my running right now, breaking records left and right in my training.  I’m thinking about running the Ted Corbit 15k on Saturday.  I haven’t run a race since the New York City Marathon, and think the 9.3 mile distance is a perfect way to push the pace as a training run for the Manhattan Half Marathon coming in Jan.  It is my daughter’s 13th birthday on Saturday, but she is going to be in a test prep class at her school all morning, the perfect excuse for me to go out and race!


Written by SCL

December 18, 2008 at 11:39 pm