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Beautiful East River Park Morning

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Actually went on a morning run today!  I needed to, because I’m heading out to my NJ house right after work and I didn’t want to miss another day.  For a true early morning run, I’d need to be out the door by 5:30 to be back in time to get my 7 year old ready for school.  I wasn’t that extreme.  But I was able to get myself ready for a run as I got her ready for school and was out on 14th St at 7:10, ready to head to East River Park.  Had just enough time to get the run in, get ready for work, and get to the office by 9.

I’m glad I went because it was quite nice out.  While it was only 32 degrees, it felt wonderful after all the recent cold weather.  And, there were so many people out running in the park.  Based on the number of people out there, you might think it was spring already!

Took it a bit easy as I just wanted to fill some miles between my speed workout Tuesday night and my planned long run on Sunday.  Covered the 4 miles in 36+ minutes.

It was pretty cool to see the setup of the snowboard ramps, in preparation for next weeks big Red Bull Snowscrapers event.  you can see a rendering here of what it will look like, although the ramps seems to be set up in reverse of what is shown in the picture.  A bit of excitement for our normally boring park!


Written by SCL

January 23, 2009 at 6:32 pm

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